My Hobby, Bowling

Welcome to my hobby of bowling. I enjoy going bowling with my friends and family. As a young child I started bowling in a league and I enjoyed it! I won some trophies and had fun. I had to learn that when I did not do to well to pick myself back up and keep on trying till my moment of improvement showed up. I am glad I did not quit, I kept on trying and as a result I got better. I remembered participating in an adult league, but I may just have been a substitue bowler. I've bowled over 200 points in a game more than once I believe. During my years away from home I did not bowl as much as I would have liked to and it has been years since I have bowled over 200 points in a game but with some practice I believe I still got it! Not pride, but confidence, I bowled over 200 points before and I can do it again.

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I am still in pursuit for a hook bowling ball that I am satisfied with. For my next bowling ball I want to try a style of hook drilling that I don't believe I have ever tried before, so I am excited about this! In the mean time a enjoy just using a house ball because I manually hook the ball when I through it. House balls are bowling balls designed to go straight when you through them down the lane. A house ball is cool for those who prefer throwing a straight ball, but personally the straight ball is boring. I find throwing a hook ball much more exciting. I like the excitment of seeing my bowling ball hook to hit the pocket/pins. Whether a person chooses to through a straight ball or a hook ball I think it takes skill to bowl with either one, which comes with practice. Most importantly, regardless of which ball a person chooses to throw, have lots of fun !!!!!!!!!!

Bowling Do's

  1. For you pizza lovers, eat pizza (pick your topping, peperoni for me)!
  2. Laught!
  3. Lots of smiling, hopefully!
  4. Maybe send out some text messages, your choice!
  5. Try not to throw gutter balls (it's ok if you do, it happens, I know from experience,(smiling!)).
  6. Drink soda and dring water is also encouraged!
  7. Hi five bowling partners for that nice spare or strike!
  8. Give bowling tips!
  9. Say, you can do it!!
  10. Again, have funnnnnnnnn people!

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