SnappleMachine Two Tier Project

My Hobby, Bowling


Welcome to my hobby of bowling. I enjoy going bowling with my friends and family. As a young child I started bowling in a league and I enjoyed it! I won some trophies and had fun. I had to learn that when I did not do to well to pick myself back up and keep on trying till my moment of improvement showed up. I am glad I did not quit, I kept on trying and as a result I got better. I remembered participating in an adult league, but I may just have been a substitue bowler. I've bowled over 200 points in a game more than once I believe. During my years away from home I did not bowl as much as I would have liked to and it has been years since I have bowled over 200 points in a game but with some practice I believe I still got it! Not pride, but confidence, I bowled over 200 points before and I can do it again.


I am still in pursuit for a hook bowling ball that I am satisfied with. For my next bowling ball I want to try a style of hook drilling that I don't believe I have ever tried before, so I am excited about this! In the mean time a enjoy just using a house ball because I manually hook the ball when I through it. House balls are bowling balls designed to go straight when you through them down the lane. A house ball is cool for those who prefer throwing a straight ball, but personally the straight ball is boring. I find throwing a hook ball much more exciting. I like the excitment of seeing my bowling ball hook to hit the pocket/pins. Whether a person chooses to through a straight ball or a hook ball I think it takes skill to bowl with either one, which comes with practice. Most importantly, regardless of which ball a person chooses to throw, have lots of fun !!!!!!!!!!

Elevator Pitch

My name is Amber Jones and I have worked a little over a year in Manufacturing which was a team oriented environment.  I also spent a little over eight months working as a Network Analyst I and there were times I worked by myself or as a team.  During my second programming class in college I saw that I had a passion for programming.  I took lessons online to learn how to program my Arduino Uno microcontroller.  Also before I attended Centriq I started learning about Html, JavaScript and SQL.  I decided to join Centriq because I wanted to gain more programming language experience.  During my time at Centriq I saw that I enjoyed building two-tier applications with my own databases built from scratch based on the things I like or interest me.  After graduating from Centriq I discovered that I am also interested in front end web development.  I am excited to start a new career in the programming world.  If you have any developer jobs available I would appreciate it if you let me know.  Thanks.